Shop Ethical is a passion project run by a very small group of dedicated folk from Melbourne.

The majority of our income has always been sales of our book, but this income stream has all but dried up in recent years. Last year our core team put in hundreds of hours for next to no pay. Your donations will help us justify this to our wives. We could also use money for app and web development, and maybe re-hiring the communications person we laid off when we ran out of money printing our last book.

Despite our limited resources, we've produced some big results over the years including creating 9 editions of our pocket print guide to ethical shopping (which has sold over 130,000 copies), developing an ethical shopping app (downloaded over 60,000 times) and building a large and engaged community of people around Australia who are passionate about reducing the social and environment impact of their consumption.

It takes countless hours to produce the carefully researched material you see in our book, app and website. Every dollar you donate goes towards compiling and communicating more information to help people make informed purchasing decisions.

If you would like to make a monthly contribution please visit our Patreon page.

One-off donations can be made via PayPal (credit/debit card payments accepted) or by making a deposit directly into our Bendigo Bank account (BSB: 633-000; Account Number: 132 467 192; Account Name: Ethical Consumer Group)

Thank you for your support!